Everything You Need To Know About Post Card Printing

Feeling that your business card is not working for your company promotion and you probably need something more? The right answer is in front of your eyes. Post cards are the perfect tool to promote your business, your book, or your non-profit organization. No matter what, there are huge benefits in using post cards as an extra strategy to get your message across.

promotional post cards

Why post cards?

  1. Costs: They are really cheap. The only extra cost may be design, if you want to hire some professional designer to do the job. Post cards are generally pretty cheap compared to postage for packages and letters.
  2. Sending options: Post cards give you the chance to send them either by mailing or personally.
  3. Size: They are not too big, so people can carry them anywhere, even in their pocket. At the same time, postcards have the perfect size to add more information of your company or a synopsis of your book, as well as your emails, phone numbers, social website links and even QR codes!
  4. Eye-catching and less offensive in mailboxes: Recipients usually throw letters, brochures and other promoting materials right in the trash. However, since post cards are smaller, they are really easy to access. Recipients don’t even need to open an envelope, so they tend to pay more attention. Of course, you need a really appealing and colorful design.
  5. Time-savers: Since they are small, they require less time to be designed and printed, which takes probably just a few days or a week at the most. This is perfect for people who really need to run a promotion.

Some tips when including post cards as one of your marketing strategies:

Always remember to add some discounts or special offers in your post card. This is perfect to attract people!

Be careful with content. Make sure they are easy to read. Don’t waste space but don’t put together too much information.

Always pay attention to headlines. That’s the most essential part at any post card. If your headline is able to catch the eye, it will certainly make the reader stop to read it closely.

Post cards are the perfect tool to promote your business, to generate leads, to introduce new products and to close sales.